AMA Recap & Hightlights: CanvasLand X IM Community

What a fantastic week the CanvasLand team has had so far! We’ve got a really exciting airdrop campaign launching this week, but in the meantime, we’re excited to join our very first AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with IM community, a vibrant crypto community from Vietnam.

Our CEO, Andrew Tay had a great time engaging with the community and we’ve had some good insights and feedback about CanvasLand that we’ll certainly take into account. Here are a couple of good questions that we think will be useful for anyone new to the CanvasLand ecosystem!

(We definitely had a tough time picking our favourite questions 😉)

1. Can you briefly describe what is CanvasLand ? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

Thank you for asking! CanvasLand’s vision is to be the ‘preferred Metaverse City of the future’ governed by its community and citizens via a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) system, CanvasLand aims to create a beautiful virtual city that merges the experiences of both the physical and virtual realm — bringing users a safe, creative and inspiring virtual space to create content, trade virtual assets in the form of NFTs, explore and socialise. A virtual Metaverse experience that brings users a chance to be free from challenges of regular daily lives. Please join us on this journey.

2. What role does the $CANVAS token play in your ecosystem? What are the benefits of investing in your token for the long-term?

As a HOLDer of the $CANVAS token, you get access to various utility and benefits. In our roadmap and plans we definitely plan to continuously reward our community members and token holders via various incentive programs (staking, referral systems).

Our token utility also spans across:
● Exclusive access to CanvasLand’s Premium NFT Launches
● Transaction discounts
● Purchase ad/gallery space
● Staking for rewards (NFT staking ®ular staking)
● Collateral for NFT rental
● DAO governance voting
● Purchase Metaverse Assets (virtual land, digital wearables)

We truly believe in delivering long-term value to our HOLDers and supporters, not just create sporadic hype to pump the token for quick pumps and wins. Our team will work on our milestones and roadmap in phases and rest assured we are dedicated to our vision of creating a safe and conducive metaverse space for all to trade and enjoy.

3. I understand that the CanvasLand NFT Marketplace is a part of the platform where NFTS are created and traded. So how does Canvasland’s Marketplace differentiate from other marketplaces? How will CanvasLand create a highly user-friendly experience?

Our selling point of the marketplace is that content is curated, the process itself is driven by humans and AI. We use AI to identify and triage highly probable illegal copies of artwork, which is then passed over to our curation staff who makes the final decision. In addition, our curation staff is ready to assist and work with our content creators on answering questions or clearing doubts, particularly in areas of curation.

In the long run we will integrate more advanced technology into the process. Our core tenet of CANVAS is that the community always comes first and therefore our marketplace has been designed as such. Firstly, the marketplace supports multiple chains. The blockchain ecosystem is vibrant and vast and we want everyone from all layers (no pun intended) of life to partake in our CANVAS ecosystem. Secondly, we offer attractive rewards for active participants in the marketplace, and by extension, the CANVAS ecosystem.

Lastly, simplicity. Our marketplace is designed with simplicity in mind, to reduce actions in user journeys, achieve clutter free interface and strategic placements and highlights of important / critical features.

4. CanvasLand brings together two great topics that have been growing recently: NFT and Metaverse. So, what are the possibilities that users can have through this? Can artists have their own virtual museum? Also, is specific hardware required for optimal Metaverse performance?

The metaverse topic is vast and it is challenging to qualify what is optimal or not for our end users. We will start off with existing metaverses to offer our users a glimpse of the incoming possibilities of what’s to come. Some metaverses are browser based and therefore a mid range desktop / laptop with a good graphics card is sufficient for adequate and pleasant browsing experience. Of course, the better the hardware specs, the better it becomes.

On the other hand, others are desktop clients and may have slightly higher hardware requirements. As long as the artists own or rent land parcels, they can build a virtual museum constrained by the land parcel sizes. Artists must be cognizant of the impression that they want to project and therefore, choosing a metaverse that aligns with this impression is important. For instance, some have minecraft block-like feel and the game play experience may be too rapid for a virtual museum. Others, on the other hand, are slower in pace but may not offer the gaming experience.

Last important point for consideration is the flexibility of the metaverse. Some are flexible for customization and could be important for customized experiences while others offer limited customizations. Regardless, metaverses offer elevated experiences and journeys because the experience is shared amongst participants in the same space and actions have shared consequences.

5. Is it possible for independent artists and small galleries to exhibit at Canvasland? Do you have a committee that evaluates all of the art pieces that are submitted? What if Canvasland grows in the future, receiving millions of artwork every day from artists all around the world?

What a great question! We think it’s a positive challenge to manage. In the long run, we’ll be integrating more AI and automation technology into the vetting system for evaluation of all NFTs and we will certainly keep our community in the loop of all milestones.


Overall, we’ve had a blast and we can’t wait to host or join more AMA sessions in the near future. Thank you everyone who joined and supported the session!

Apart from AMAs and campaigns, we’re certainly looking to engage with the community however we can. If you have any thoughts at all or would like to present collaboration opportunities to CanvasLand, we’d be more than happy to hear from you. Please join our growing community on Telegram or Twitter to chat with us, and please stay tuned for even more exciting events from us!




Next Generation NFT Marketplace & Preferred City for the Metaverse

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Next Generation NFT Marketplace & Preferred City for the Metaverse

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