CanvasLand — Next Generation NFT Marketplace and future preferred city of the Metaverse: Our Marketplace is now LIVE!

Hello, world!

It’s absolutely no question that Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverses are taking the world by storm, so much so that more brands and artists are dabbling in them too. At this time, it’s almost essential for most businesses to consider a NFT or metaverse strategy.

And here we are — presenting to you CanvasLand and CanvasLand City.

Touted as the ‘preferred Metaverse City of the future’ governed by its community and citizens via a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) system, CanvasLand aims to create a beautiful virtual city that merges the experiences of both the physical and virtual realm — bringing users a safe, creative and inspiring virtual space to create content, trade virtual assets in the form of NFTs, explore and socialise. A virtual Metaverse experience that brings users a chance to be free from challenges of regular daily lives.

Our CanvasLand Marketplace goes LIVE today and we are extremely excited to present 2 exclusive NFT collections by the legendary Chen Wen Hsi and Leo Liu — both notable Singaporean artistes in their own right. Their works will be open to the public for bidding here.

To elaborate more on our first phase which is focused on our Marketplace launch and subsequent public sale activities, our initial focus will be:

  • Curate NFTs based on popular and established IPs, alongside popular artists
  • Actively working with non-blockchain businesses to release premium, branded NFTs by integrating them into the CanvasLand ecosystem and Metaverse
  • Providing the young artists’ more exposure opportunities with our Rotating Galleries booking system
  • Referral system and features to incentivize price discovery and traffic for all users in CanvasLand
  • Integrate staking and NFT staking benefits with additional rewards and privileges

Governed by a DAO, CanvasLand aims to allow our communities to take the lead in building up CanvasLand City in the long run.

Do stay tuned for more updates! Have you joined us on our other community channels yet? We’d love to have you be a part of our journey.





Next Generation NFT Marketplace & Preferred City for the Metaverse

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Next Generation NFT Marketplace & Preferred City for the Metaverse

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